Denver RTD EMU

Good news! The City of Denver, CO is another step closer to their first commuter railroad system with the delivery of the first EMU built by Hyundai Rotem. The regional transit authority, the RTD is so excited that it is hosting a tour of these railcars at the newly revitalised Union Station from 3 December to 6 December.

I can't find anything publicly on what the EMU is really called, everyone just calls it the Rotem EMU. Anyway, you know the gist of what an EMU is and this one is probably very similar to the SEPTA Silverliner V.

I won't copy and paste stuff from RTD's website and will link you there (click HERE) instead. It's quite an informative web page with quick facts and media contents. This EMU is scheduled to enter service in 2016.

This video from YouTube here is not of the Denver EMU but a Rotem Silverliner V operated by SEPTA.


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