New equipment in North America is, in general, harder to come by than the rest of the world where rail is a primary mode of public transportation. Therefore I have no excuse to not mention any new comers onto North American rails. This week I'll write about a new commuter locomotive by Wabtec for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, she is called the HSP46.

Unlike the MPExpress Series locomotives that can be seen across the continent by now, Wabtec has partnered up with General Electric in the case of the HSP46. Instead of the EMD 710, we have here a 12 cylinder GEVO engine at the heart of the HSP 46 that also supplies Head End Power. Four AC traction motors will take this puppy up to a top speed of 110 mph. This locomotive is also kind of a feather weight compared to her freight hauling siblings, coming in at only 287 500 lbs, 1 500 lbs more than a fully loaded standard 100 ton freight car.

Not a bad looking loco at all really
The paint scheme of the HSP46 comes from an online vote held by the MBTA a few years ago. I don't quite remember what the other candidates look like but the winning paint scheme looks pretty decent to me.

And of course photos and videos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and YouTube.


Steve Boyko said…
That's a very nice looking engine!

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