Bombardier Talent 2

Today's post is again, inspired by a news article I read online. Apparently, National Express has just unveiled their Talent 2 trains that are set to enter regional services in Germany a year from now. I'm sure the original Talent isn't too strange to riders in Europe, although some may not know that is her name. In fact, a few of them can even be found in North America if you look carefully enough. The O Train for example, a short stubby commuter rail line in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, is a diesel version of the original Bombardier Talent.

Pretty nice looking little thing really
So the Talent 2 is an articulated regional EMU that comes in 2-6 car consists. The trucks on the ends are powered and every other one in between are powered for sets longer than 2 cars (so therefore, 2 and 3 car sets have 2 powered trucks, 4 and 5 car sets have 3, and 6 car sets have 4). Each truck has an power output of 1 010 kW or 1 354 Her Majesty's horsepower, you figure out how much power in total these different consists can pump out.

Interior of the DB Talent 2, pretty simple and clean
With a top speed of 100 mph, the Talent 2 is designed to operate regional services on the mainline. As usual, this Wikipedia page will tell you more, and way more about this little trainset, her operators, routes, etc., and a link from it will probably tell you what S-Bahn exact is (you might need Google Translate, the English page of Talent 2 doesn't really say much at all).

Also, all pictures and videos are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and YouTube.


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