High Speed Rail in Poland

News (well, as usual, with some lag)! The first ever High Speed Train has entered service in Poland! This marks the official entry in the world high speed ranks and I think it's quite an historical week in Polish history.

Is it just me or does it look a little sad from this angle...?
So what does the Polish High Speed Train look like? Well, it's actually quite a familiar one, the Pendolino. This Pendolino looks the same as many other Pendolinos used across Europe actually. She's based on the New Pendolino platform, with somewhat of an identical exterior to the Italian ETR-600. But similiar to the Chinese CRH5, the ED250 (oh btw this is what this Polish Pendolino is called) doesn't tilt. And guess what, this ED250 has set the speed record both for Poland and for Pendolinos this year with a very respectable 293 km/h or 182 mph. Anyway, the link in the paragraph below will have some more info on the ED250 as well.

I think I'm really digging the color scheme
The progress of achieving High Speed have been somewhat of a turmoil in Poland apparently. I won't bore you with history, politics, or anything of that nature. In term, I'll use my reliable old friend Wikipedia and this stuff is all linked here.

As usual, thank you, Wikipedia and users, thank you, Google (YouTube) and users for your stuff.

Oh and this is the last Friday of the year now isn't it. Thank you for all your support for another year. Have a happy holiday season and all the best in 2015!


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