Korail Series 368000

We go international this week, to South Korea, and check out this quite sharp looking EMU operated by their national railroad Korail. Somehow the EMUs in Korea, as far as I've researched, have these ridiculously long series number. I wonder if in real life people call them the "three hundred and sixty-eight thousand" or simply Series 368 like British Rail (in this case, say there's a BR Class 368, the sets would then be numbered 368xyz). So I guess on this blog, I'm gonna make the executive decision to refer to this EMU as the Series 368.

Yes the Series 368 is Korean and yes she is built by Hyundai Rotem, a company that's been trying to expand their rolling stock market overseas in the recent years. In fact, the, what I consider iconic, Silverliner is now a product of the Rotem in North America. This EMU comes in 8 car sets, of which 4 cars are powered by 4 x 250 kW (335 hp). For some reason, the mid-train 2 of the 8 cars are double decked, and these are apparently the first bi-level cars in Korea ever.

The top speed of the (what I call it) Series 368 is 180 km/h in service, a tad bit higher than 110 mph (which is something like 176 or 177 km/h). Yes she's designed for standard gage mainline service, thoughts (wink wink nudge nudge)?

Oh and before I forget, I borrowed all my images and videos from Wikimedia Commons and YouTube like always did.


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