China Railways HXD1D

So this week we'll go across the Pacific instead and have a look at a passenger locomotive developed by the Chinese that's based on a popular Germany family of locomotives. China has apparently bought the technology to Siemens EuroSprinter and Bombardier TRAXX along with thousands of heavy-haul freight locomotives from Germany and they have been busy developing with the technology ever since.

Is it just me or does it look German?
So this locomotive, the HXD1D is a 6-axle locomotive designed to haul long distance passenger trains on China's existing railroad network (I'm guessing since Chinese passenger trains are long, around 20 cars, they need a bit of tractive effort with all the available horsepower and hence 6 axles). The latest government directive apparently dropped the maximum operating speed on existing railroads from 124 mph (or 200 km/h) down to 99 mph (160 km/h) and that's how fast this locomotive is supposed to go.

Interestingly the locomotive was fitted with a Type E coupler, this wouldn't entirely legal for passenger service in North America

Power output is slightly below the European locomotives on a per-axle basis (1200 instead of 1600 kW, or 1630 hp instead of 2175 hp, yeah, that's like a GP38-2 per axle or something). I'm not too sure of anything in much technical detail, the things I know are on the Wikipedia page linked here. Since this is an European electric, the only thing that's usual for those of us outside of the Northeast Corridor on this locomotive is probably the Knorr (New York Air Brake's Germany based parent company) CCB-II electronic brake valve.

Thank Wikimedia Commons and YouTube for all the multimedia material presented here.


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