Ottawa Citadis Spirit

Transit news! The Ontario city of Ottawa has unveiled the LRV to be operated on their first ever LRT line, and it's an Alstom Citadis. The LRT line, Confederation Line, will open in 2017, in time for the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation. The New York State thanks Ottawa for the jobs created as a result of this order.

Based on some web search, there are a few dozens of variants of the Citadis operating in piles of cities around the world. There is a nice little video made up by Alstom too that provides quite some good information on the Ottawa LRV. I guess I'll leave most of this post to that.


Michael said…
Just a note -- Ottawa has had a diesel LRT service operating on the former CP Prescott/Ellwood Subdivision since 2001. The 8-km line has Bombardier Talents working now, which will soon be replaced by Alstom Coradia LINTs. The Confederation Line will actually be Ottawa's second LRT line. Great blog!

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