China Railways HXD3D

So remember two weeks ago I posted about the German-Chinese electric passenger locomotive that's based on the Siemens EuroSprinter? Well, this week I'm going to post about a cousin of hers, another German-Chinese locomotive that's based on the Bombardier Traxx series, a family of locomotives also vastly popular in Continental Europe.
Not too bad looking heh
Oh, by the way, before I write any further, the naming convention that's worked thus far with new Chinese locomotives built from imported technology goes like so: HXD + digit + letter. HXD for electric locomotives, 1 denotes Siemens EuroSprinter; 2 denotes Alstom Prima; 3 is a little iffy. The very first HXD3 is a Toshiba, but the subsequent ones are apparently all Bombardier Traxx as far as I can tell. The last letter obviously just denotes the variant of the family. The whole scheme isn't entirely too confusing.
As far as specifications go, the HXD3D is pretty much identical with the HXD1D. Both locomotives are designed for the same purpose. They have the same power output and maximum speed. Other parameters are, in all probability, not very far off from each other, although some major components likely have different brand names on them.

Anyway, I'll leave the rest of the talking to the pictures and video in this post, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and YouTube.


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