JR Yamanote Line Series E235

So there is going to be a new train on the busy Yamanote Line again, and it will be called the Seires E235. Some of the railfans out there probably have already heard of this important artery of Tokyo, the World's largest metropolis. It was only 2002 that this loop line saw a complete refreshment of rolling stock to the Series E231-500, but with train frequencies at 2.5-4 minutes for 21 hours a day, they sure get used a lot.

Yamanote Line E235 Ikebukuro 20150326.JPG
"Yamanote Line E235 Ikebukuro 20150326" by DAJF - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

To put a perspective on the importance of this new commuter EMU, here are some numbers one ought to have a look at. The New York City Subway carries 5.08 million passengers per day on 26 lines serving 468 stations, and the London Underground carries 3.36 million passengers per day on 12 lines serving 275 stations. The Yamanote Line E235 however,  once in full deployment starting in the fall of 2015, will be responsible for transporting 3.68 million commuters daily on this double track, 21.4 mile and 29 station, loop.

Each E235 will have 6 powered and 5 trailing cars, each made of stainless steel. Cars are now standardized to have 4 pairs of doors to facilitate the future installation of platform screen doors. These trains are capable for a maximum speed of 75 mph, but the Digital Automatic Train Control (D-ATC) on the Yamanote Line will more than likely restrict them at the operating speed of 55 mph.


Manish Prabhune said…
Spotted one at Osaki http://experiencetokyo.net/spotted-the-new-e235-jr-yamanote-line-train-on-a-test-run/

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