More of a show and tell this time

I missed a week and I'm late for this week... I would've been fired if I was writing for somebody else... Anyway. I was traveling a little, in a big metropolis, but believe or not, I didn't have reliable internet access because of a few hiccups here and there. Anyway. There is some big changes coming up in my life, and I think I might do a few things differently here. So yeah, this week's blog has pretty much pictures and a few words descriptions only.

On a foggy day, in front of Toronto Union Station on the renovated Front Street

On the right is the former Canadian Pacific Royal York Hotel. Now a Fairmount property

The front of Toronto Union Station

This is looking east, with the gold plated Royal Bank of Canada buildings in the center

Looking out the window of my intercity train, a GO commuter train in the recently updated new color scheme

This is the AMT Roxboro-Pierefonds station in Montreal. This is the only electric commuter rail in Canada right now

Montreal Windsor Station, former headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Meet this guy led by an SD70M-2 at Belleville on the way back to Toronto

Last but not least, the new south entrance of Toronto Union Station


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