Let me come back to my own side of the pond for now and write about a locomotive in the warm parts of the continents. The slight mystery surrounding them intrigues me a little, but I'm sure it's nothing a seasoned railfan can't educate me on.

I shall begin by talking a little about the previous life or lives of what are known today as the MP32PH-Q. Unlike its brethren MPXpress locomotives, it is a direct re-iteration of its ancestors from MPI's Morrison-Knudsen days.

SunRail train leaving Winter Park Station.JPG
By Artystyk386 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

When MK Rail was still a thing, they were known for rebuilding locomotives of other origins. Many transit agencies enlisted their service to provide spin-offs of the proven EMD GP38 and GP40 locomotives. Known as the GP40WH-2 in their previous life under MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter), the MP32PH-Q already packed lots of mileage hauling passengers under their belt. These days, they work down south, serving in Florida and soaking up all the sunshine the SunRail can offer.

MPI MP32PH-Q 103 Sunrail Sand Lake Road Station 26.10.2016 Placa.jpg
By Meloaraujo - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Although they still retained the 3,000 hp, silky-smooth sounding 16-645 engine, much of the old GP40WH-2 had been updated. Modern electrical and computer equipment was what made them the MPXpress and the new cab gave them the family resemblance they rightfully deserved.


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