DB InterCity 2

The IC2 is still considered a rare sight by me, unless I camp outside a station where they stop. They are meant to be a kind of an intermediary solution to lines where the maximum authorized speed does not warrant the use of one of the shiny new ICE4s that are to replace some existing InterCity trains. Essentially, the IC2 is an upgraded RegionalExpress Twindexx Vario trainset with an inverted long-distance colour scheme. They even have the same Class 146 locomotives on one end. As such, they do not come equipped with a bistro car. Food and beverages are served from trolleys, airline style (and maybe some people would rather prefer not to leave their seat).

J24 223 Schönefelder Gruppe, 146 560.jpg
Von Falk2 - Eigenes Werk, CC-BY-SA 4.0, Link

The speed of these trainsets remains the same as their regional cousins, at 99 mph, down from 124 mph with the regular InterCity services. More sets will gradually come online throughout the next few years, as Bombardier irons some bugs out in the meantime (read more here on the translated Wikipedia page, an English version is, unfortunately, unavailable as of now).

An IC2 near Düsseldorf-Benrath S-Bahn Station


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